Getting To the Field
From I-91:

Take Route 2 East – Right at Traffic Light on to Main Rd (Avenue A Bridge) – Left at 3rd St (Traffic Light in Turners) and head up the hill (Follow Signs for Airport) – Continue on Unity St and bear left on to Millers Falls Rd – Left on Industrial Blvd and start looking for “Gate 4” and our sign on the right just after Pioneer Aviation


Take Route 2 West to Prospect St (Millers Falls – Bear Left off of Rt 2) – Left on to Lester St (Rt 63) – Take next left on Bridge St – Take Right on W. Main St (Millers Falls) then bear slightly right on to Millers Falls Rd – Follow Millers Falls Rd and take a right on Industrial Blvd (a few hundred yards beyond the entrance for the airport). Once on Industrial Blvd and you pass Pioneer Aviation, start looking for “Gate 4” and our sign on the right.

Our Club’s History & What We’re About

For over 40 years our club has been operating safely next to the Turners Falls Municipal Airport (0B5) . We have a unique location within an industrial park that allows us to operate away from the airport and away from the general traffic patterns with the main runway at our back.

We also work with the Airport Staff and our neighbors to integrate safety and education into our diverse general aviation community. This is truly exciting and FCRCC is privileged to be a part of the Turners Falls crowd.

The Club has grown and shrunk and grown again over the years. Interests in each category of the hobby have changed over time from original stick built airplanes with FM transmitters, to Helicopters, to more modern ARF’s, Park Flyers/Foamies, Electrics, Glow & Gas, to multi-rotors. Today we still have a great deal of diversity amongst our membership from stick builders to multi-rotor pilots and one thing we have in common…. We all love to fly!

In 2014, our members voted to resurface the runway and we chose to go with a geotextile fabric since the ground is susceptible to the frost that New England provides every year. This has been a great improvement to the club and our members and guests love flying off the surface!

FCRCC provides a variety of opportunities for both our members and the community. Our members have worked with the local schools, home-school groups, Civil Air Patrol, Boy Scouts and a variety of organizations to assist with aviation related subjects through safety and eduction.

FCRCC also welcomes the new and interested RC Model Aircraft Enthusiast to be our guest and see what we have to offer! FCRCC takes part in the AMA Intro Pilot Program and can get you up in the air to start working on your skills as a model aircraft pilot! We do this with a “Buddy Box” to keep you inside our flight pattern safely, and without having to accelerate your building (or shall we say “Repair”) skills too quickly.


From the Club Safety Officer

Welcome to FCRCC! To comply with the FAA and maintain our open site for hobby flight operations, our club is chartered by and follows the community safety guidelines set forth by our Community Based Organization (CBO), The Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA). We only have a few guidelines to keep flight operations safe for you, spectators, our neighbors, and most of all, manned aircraft operations in the vicinity. Our hobby operations take place in the National Airspace System (NAS), and just like driving a car on the road, we need to abide by the “Road Signs” while in the air. We encourage all who are interested in the hobby to join us for instruction and a sample of how safe, fun, and educational the hobby can be! Fly by the “Code” and that will ensure our first line of safety when conducting Model Aircraft Flight Ops!

If you feel that any of the AMA Safety Code Rules or items listed to the right have been infringed, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me or one of our club officers immediately. We need to know about any safety issues as quickly as possible to assist you and the club, especially if any other parties were involved. Dealing with a situation “head-on” is far better than finding out way after the fact or from a different party who was not directly involved.

Thanks for abiding and don’t forget to have fun putting your latest creation or favorite aircraft in the air at our awesome field!

The AMA Safety Code



The Cardinal Rule – If you do start to feel your plane is going behind the pilot line, please immediately change course and head over toward the trees across the field from our runway. If you end up behind the spectator line and the clubhouse, put the plane down as soon as it is clear of any cars parked in our lot. DO NOT FLY BEHIND THE PILOT LINE.

Do Not fly during FCTS outdoor sporting events

Do not fly during outdoor home games or while students are using the outdoor fields at Franklin County Tech. We want to be good neighbors and ensure that we are not flying near or over people while commencing flight operations at the field. Use good common sense. If there is not a scheduled game, but people are on the fields, a small electric (park flyer) might be OK if kept close and quiet over the runway area. A big gasser or larger glow plane shouldn’t be flown while people are occupying the fields. Again, use good judgement and common sense.

AMA Safety Handbook

AMA Safety Handbook


See and avoid is our easiest tool to prevent collisions with manned aircraft. If you are flying alone, we do ask that you only fly smaller electric and glow airplanes. If you are flying Giant Scale, we encourage you to have a spotter, someone who can scan the sky around you and let you know of any approaching aircraft. If an aircraft is spotted, and is on a course intersecting our flight pattern, land immediately or if you cannot land, slow down and reduce your altitude – AMA Guidelines for See and Avoid


For those interested in FPV operations please review the AMA guidelines for – Unmanned Aircraft Operations Utilizing First Person View

AMA Insurance

Before any claims are reported, a club officer must review the incident with the pilot(s) and the injured and/or property owner. An officer will assist with the claim

Insurance information

Accident/Medical Info

Fire Theft & Vandalism

Overview of FCRCC Operational Area

Want to come fly with us?


Click the link below to access our Contact Form, FCRCC Membership Application, AMA Membership Portal and more!