Introducing the FCRCC Dirt Track – We Need Volunteers!

Our club has decided to diversify and though we are a 45+ year chartered AMA club, we want to grow interest in all aspects of the RC hobby. Adding our dirt track this year will hopefully bring interest and new membership to the club to share in the comradery of the Hobby!

New Developments as of 3/12/24 (0B5 Commission Meeting)

IT IS OFFICIAL! WE HAVE OBTAINED VERBAL APPROVAL FROM THE TURNERS FALLS AIRPORT COMMISSION TO MOVE FORWARD WITH OUR NEW DIRT TRACK (3/12/2024)!!!! Our new 5 year lease has been negotiated and we will have use of the land for all RC operations (Air/Ground)

This is a big leap for us and we welcome those who would like to help us make the RC truck/buggy experience the best it can be here in the Connecticut River Valley (Western, MA). We encourage all who would like to have a dirt track here in Western, MA to join us for a meeting and champion the build!!